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Excited about making Paris your new home? The city is a vibrant and multi-cultural place to live, consistently voted in the top 10 of best student cities in the world (QS, 2023).

Accommodation will be a key consideration for you, and picking the right location, budget and type is very important to ensure you have a safe and convenient place to base yourself during your studies. 

There are 4 main housing categories in France:

• Furnished studio in a private student residence

• Furnished studio in a private residence

• Private housing 

• Furnished room in a state-owned university residence

ICN Business School does not own any residence halls. However, once your admission has been finalised, please contact us via or the Navitas dedicated team in order to obtain detailed information about housing options available in Paris.

Private Student Residence Studapart

We also recommend using the school’s platform dedicated to housing: Studapart. You will be able to find a rental in a student residence or in a private apartment, a room in a shared apartment, a sublease, or even a room with a French family! Studapart also acts as a guarantor – a document that is required for an international student to obtain a housing contract. Sign up here:

Private Housing

Another option is to rent a private apartment or a room in a shared house/apartment. This might be difficult to do from outside of France, you can view advertisements via the websites below:






Private landlords often request a guarantee that you will be able to pay for your rent. Obtaining such guarantees for international students is very difficult. This is why we advise our students to use the Studapart website as Studapart can also act as a guarantor for a fee.


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