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City of love

Why Paris is known as the city of love 

From the time that medieval wealthy loved ones travelled to the French capital to exchange vows, to modern couples padlocking love symbols to Pont des Arts, Paris has captivated our hearts as THE city of love. The city that sings to all our senses. 

The old Romantic Era, which encompasses architecture, theatre, art, sculpture music and literature, has created a Parisian ambiance and atmosphere which engages the senses. Curious explorer students can wander quaint walkways, sit at discreet cafes and see romantic art and architecture. They can feel a vibrant current of emotion in this magical city when they walk up Grand Staircase in the Paris Opera or through the beautiful Hameau de la Reine in the Gardens of Versailles.  

The hearts of those studying in the French capital could also be won over by their stomachs, when they experience French cuisine. Food is very important in French culture, and it’s not surprising that eating IS very romantic in Paris. A student’s taste buds may have their own love affair in this city. 

Or your students noses’ could lead them into the perfume quarter where they can explore the history of the Parisian perfume houses and fall in love with the perfect scent for them.  

Speaking a second or third language is highly attractive to a future employer, and French is considered to be one of the most romantic languages in the world. It’s often called ‘the language of love’.

Finally, the Eiffel Tower sparkles at night and city’s charming little streets are beautifully illuminated by thousands of lights, which add to the romantic flair – the perfect setting for your students to start their very own love story with this beautiful city!

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